Information Regarding Recruitment Hoaxes

RAMCON, LLC. (RAMCON) has become aware of internet hoaxes that pose as recruitment communication efforts for fictitious career opportunities with our organization and similar organizations. The perpetrators of these hoaxes conduct interviews via instant messaging, ask for personal information, and/or solicit potential recruits to pay fees to start work with RAMCON or a related company.

The people implementing these hoaxes or other similar false offers of employment are not affiliated with the RAMCON in any way. These recruitment communications are made without RAMCON’s knowledge or approval. If you receive an unsolicited employment e-mail, see a suspicious job posting, or are asked to make a payment to begin a job, RAMCON strongly advises you to carefully scrutinize the opportunity carefully before responding or to reach out directly to RAMCON to confirm its validity.

You can access a list of legitimate career opportunities with RAMCON at Please review the job opportunities and explore the possibility of a career with RAMCON today!